6 Tips for Crafting a Fulfilling Space: Insights from “Happy by Design” by Ben Channon

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Our environments hold immense power over our well-being, influencing our creativity, productivity, and overall happiness. In "Happy by Design" by Ben Channon, the profound link between our surroundings and our mental state is explored. Here are our six valuable tips from the book to transform your space into a source of inspiration and tranquillity:

  1. Prioritize Smart Storage: Remember your mum saying, “organise your room”? She was right! Effective organization is the cornerstone of a stress-free environment. Invest in storage solutions that maximize space, like drawer units instead of open shelves. Conceal clutter effortlessly, and regain a sense of order in your life.

  2. Embrace High Ceilings: The physical dimensions of your space matter more than you might think. High ceilings and ample vertical space create an aura of freedom and light. Luis is tall, and he always says how low ceilings are depressing and lead to a lack of motivation. So, when you are looking for a home to rent or buy, avoid feeling confined and let your surroundings foster motivation and a sense of space.

  3. Celebrate Entryways: Make your entrance count, whether at home or the office. Personalize it with a welcoming doormat or a touch of greenery. Your entry should announce, "You've arrived," setting the tone for a positive experience within.

  4. Balance Openness and Nooks: While open-plan spaces are appealing, consider the importance of cozy nooks. There are Jeanette’s preferred spaces in a home. These retreats offer solitude amidst the action, perfect for reading, painting, or quiet contemplation. Strike a balance between open expanses and intimate hideaways.

  5. Right-Size Your Space: Avoid the extremes of too much or too little space. Overly vast environments can induce loneliness and stress, while cramped spaces suffocate creativity. Tailor your surroundings to your actual needs for a harmonious and manageable setting.

  6. Cultivate Personal Atmosphere: Whether at home or work, infuse your space with your unique identity. Personalize it to reflect your brand, passions, and tastes. Your environment should be a canvas for self-expression, aligning with your vision and values.

And now, go and conquer. Let's be part of the change we want to see.

Your space should be a catalyst for positive change, inspiring the transformation you seek in yourself and the world.


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