Bridge design - a synergy of engineering & architecture

Ian Firth, Structural Engineer and Bridge Designer 

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Unleash your design potential at our “Bridge design - a synergy of engineering and architecture”. Discover the art of crafting powerful design concepts for bridges and structures. Dive into site constraints, cultural influences, and materials, all while honing your skills in a collaborative, hands-on environment. Perfect for engineers seeking to elevate their conceptual design prowess.

Embark on a journey into the heart of design excellence with our "Bridge design - a synergy of engineering and architecture”. This transformative workshop unravels the art of creating robust design concepts for bridges and structures. It delves into selecting structural forms tailored to site constraints and arranging materials elegantly. Through interactive lectures and hands-on group design exercises, you'll discover how to harmonize physical, cultural, and historical elements into your designs. This workshop is designed for engineers, from novices to seasoned professionals, looking to master the art of conceptual design and elevate their project value.

Difficulty Level

A general appreciation of the subject will be achieved, as well as an understanding of how the subject may affect, or integrate, with other subjects.



Who is this for?

  • Engineers with little or no experience of early stage conceptual design
  • Engineers wishing to explore conceptual design from a more architectural perspective
  • Experienced engineers wishing to refresh their conceptual design thinking

Meet your instructor?

Ian Firth is one of the world’s leading bridge designers and a well–known advocate of elegance in bridge design. He has 39 years of experience in the design, assessment and structural investigation of a wide variety of bridges and other structures. Ian obtained most of his professional experience with Flint & Neill, the world famous engineering consultancy, becoming a Partner in 1990 at the age of 34. He helped to develop the practice's bridge design capability, leading to success in hard-fought international design competitions like the Poole Harbour Crossing (1997) and Stonecutters Bridge (2001). He was jointly responsible for steering the firm towards joining COWI in 2008, whereupon he became Chief Operating Officer of the new entity. Flint & Neill rebranded as COWI in January 2017. Ian has been an independent structural engineering
consultant since January 2018.


Lecture aims

Strong concept
A strong concept is at the heart of all successful design.  It provides a solid bedrock from which to develop the project, it galvanises designers and allows stakeholders to understand its rationale.  Most importantly, it ensures the client will secure best value from the project as a good design concept encompasses the need for the project as well as its technical resolution.
This lecture aims to help delegates gain an appreciation of the process of conceptual design for bridges and other structures, in terms of both selecting a structural form to suit the particular constraints of a site and also arranging materials and components to meet the demands of the structure in an elegant and logical way.

What people say

"This course was a valuable experience, which gave me a new insights and knowledge about the beaty and significance of bridge design. Much appreciated Mr. Firth’s commendation for: architects and engineers working hand in hand from the concept stage of a project, design that respects the culture and history and the last but not the least, advice to be confident applying the sustainable design to all the projects as there will be always ‘the way’."
Vesna Obradovic / Senior Architect

"This lecture organised by Bloom House was truly engaging and inspiring. Ian gave the listeners a lot of food for thought as well as motivation to try and do better in the built environment."
Lara Mifsud / Lead Structural Engineer

"An inspiring lecture given by Ian Firth, followed by an informative, yet personal, discussion. It was a great experience in gaining insight into the harmonious design of bridges from the perspective of a world renowned engineer."
Kim Cassar Torreggiani / Architect & Civil Engineer


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