Everything is a remix

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"We create new ideas by building on top of old ideas... When we consume, we mostly consume more of the same but different.  And when we create, we are mostly creating more of the same but different.

There is only one way to start creating and that is to start copying."

"Copying is the wellspring of all creativity. This is where it all begins. As we copy and copy and copy, our own voice and our own style emerges.... But copying alone is clearly not the answer we seek. There is obviously a lot more going in great creative works than just copying. How does the magic happen? How do innovative ideas emerge from the seemingly derivative act of copying?"

I take the comic-book world in by osmosis - Luis loves comics and there are very few days in which some discussion around this art form is not discussed... but what I had not realised was the underlying nuances of what makes a good story... of what good films are made of... and the creativity is instilled in the people I admire most.

Is creativity magic? Is what we create really creative and original? Or are we just copying? But more importantly... do we just stop at copying? Are we transforming this material to reflect our thoughts? Are we combining these transformations into a revolutionary product?

If you are into music, gaming, films, AI, metaverse, VR, this is something for you.

Ps. In case you want to see it in pieces, don't worry, we also have you covered.

This set of short videos is mind-blowing!

Part 1: the song remain the same
Part 2: more of the same but different
Part 3: the basic elements of creativity
Part 4: artificial creativity

For us, this was an hour well spent. Enjoy!


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